How Beautifully Buttery Croissants Are Made in France

Food Insider correspondent Claudia Romeo visited with a respected baker Frédéric Roy at his celebrated shop Boulangerie Roy Le Capitole in Nice, France. Roy amiably explained to Romeo how he makes his beautifully crispy and chewy croissants. He sticks to the very traditional French manner of using lots of butter and lots of time to ensure that each and every croissant is perfect.

Be it summer or winter, there is nothing that warms your heart more than a freshly baked croissant. But achieving these flaky, crunchy layers just can’t be done overnight; it takes days of preparation and butter — lots of butter. We visit Frédéric Roy in his bakery in Nice, on the French Riviera, where he shows us how true artisanal croissants are made

How Authentic Croissants Are Made In France