Several Couples Discuss How They Sleep in the Same Bed With Their Partner, Children and Pets

In an emotionally intimate video by Cut, different couples open up about their sleeping habits, how they feel about sharing a bed, who else (children, pets) joins them in bed, what time each person wakes up and how that affects the other. They also try to answer why they feel the need to sleep in the same bed.

Wow, that seems kind of weird to not sleep in the same bed. …I mean he’s my husband so I got no choice. It’s like, it’s not the 50s where we have separate beds. …I guess we do it because that’s what you’re supposed to do, but I guess my favorite thing is waking up next to her. … It’s a lot for comfort and security I do feel safer just being with my family. …It’s like a comfort zone. You’re comfortable with each other.