How Clothes Should Fit, A Helpful Guide to Men’s Clothing

How Clothes Should Fit

How Clothes Should Fit is a useful website created by Ilias Ismanalijev based on a booklet written by Nick Taverna and designed by P. Altair. The website is a helpful guide to how men’s dress shirts, blazers, suit jackets, coats, chinos, dress trousers, jeans, ties, and shoes are supposed to fit.

Your appearance; whether sharp and confident, relaxed and cool, or sloppy and juvenile – is often reduced to the fit of your clothing. Finding the right tailor may be crucial, but there is nothing nearly as significant as sharing a critical eye with the fitting-room mirror. Fortunately for most of us, picking the right fit doesn’t require much natural talent. All that’s required is some quality time with apparel and an attention to detail. The following serves as a general fit guide for the novice.

How Clothes Should Fit

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