Cook Prepares Homemade Sweet Japanese Dumplings in Front of His Curious Cats

Jun Yoshizuki of Jun’s Kitchen, whom we know to be a talented cook, prepared homemade Japanese dumplings in the company of his curious cats. The first set of dumplings is called Sanshoku Dango, which comes in three colors, each representing a season. The second set of dumplings called Mitarashi Dango is grilled and served with a sweet sauce.

This time I’m making traditional Japanese sweets called Sanshoku Dango and Mitarashi Dango. Sanshoku Dango is three different colored dumplings and Mitarashi Dango is grilled dumplings with sweet soy sauce syrup. The three colors are usually pink white and green. One of the theories suggests that the color pink stands for sakura and spring white for snow and winter and green for grass and summer.

Homemade Japanese Dumplings