Hoffy Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs


Mat company Square-H Brands introduced a product to their line of meats called Hoffy Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs. Yes, a pre-packaged bacon-wrapped hot dog is now available at select grocery stores, and it combines their Hoffy Premium Bacon with their Hoffy Meat Franks. According to a 2020 Farmer John campaign, the bacon wrapped hot dog is the official hot dog of Los Angeles, California.

It’s official! Now your family can enjoy the irresistible taste of our premium Hoffy Bacon wrapped around a premium Hoffy Frank. Doubly delicious and made with our uncompromising commitment to quality, these Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs are ready to grill, fry or bake. It’s the new official taste of L.A.

Ad for Hoffy

There’s a new dog in town!