High School Camera Trap Project Captures Daily Footage of a Family of Foxes Outside Their Den

fox kits live project

A group of seven students and two teachers at High Technology High School in Lincroft, New Jersey set up a camera trap in the woods of the local community college that kept an unobtrusive eye on a den of foxes and their nine+ babies as they went about their daily lives. Student Kelly Qiang updates the Camera Trap Team site with posts, photos and videos of this incredible witnessing of nature.

The 2017 Camera Trap team consists of 8 freshmen from High Technology High School and is run by our English teacher, Mrs. Gross, and our biology teacher, Mr. Roche. …A fox family, as well as many other animals, have been spotted in the forest. When we started searching for the foxes, the cameras caught many other animals, including deer that sniff the camera. …One day Ms. Gross saw the fox and followed it to its den, we have since followed the lives of the baby foxes through the pictures and videos from the cameras set up by their den.

The baby foxes attend a sibling meeting outside the den.

A lively game of hide and seek.