“Heroes” by Alex Pardee To Benefit Nuclear Cleanup Workers In Japan

Inspired by an article about the Fukushima Fifty, the group of workers who have gone back to work at the Fukushima Daichii nuclear plant in the wake of the earthquake/tsunami disaster, artist Alex Pardee created this piece called Heroes and is selling prints to benefit the workers. From his blogpost announcing the prints:

I have been following the reports of the massive destruction and progress in maintaining and rebuilding the areas of Japan that were affected, at first, by the Tsunami and then secondly, by the radiation leakage from the Fukushima Power Plant. Had the employees of Fukushima ran away screaming and hiding, the plant would have completely broken down, risking a devastating amount of radiation into the surrounding areas, and possibly further. But they didn’t. They stayed and fought. And they continue to fight.

The limited run of 200 prints is now on sale and all proceeds go to the plant workers and their families via the American Nuclear Society. Here’s more about the charity organization and an interview with one of the Fukushima Fifty.