A 224 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Featuring 43 Different Cat Shaped Pieces That Need to Be Herded Together

The Herding Cats Puzzle by Nervous System (previously) is an aptly named wooden jigsaw puzzle made up of 224 pieces in 43 different feline shapes. When all the cats are herded together, the result is a brilliantly colored giant blue-eyed fluffy kitty designed by Anne Sullivan.

We’ve got small cats & big cats; fluffy cats & furless ones; a cat in box; snuggling cats; cats that are strutting, sleeping, leaping, bathing and generally being cute. Over forty whimsical felines are lurking within this 224 piece wooden puzzle. It’s a cat shaped puzzle with 43 cats in it.

The puzzle also comes in a larger version.

It’s also available in a LARGE piece version (114 pieces with 23 cats). For folks for might find our regular pieces too difficult, this special edition has pieces which are ~1.8x scale (see comparison photos).

Large Small Cat Puzzle
Herding Cats Puzzle Pieces
Herding Cats Puzzle
Herding Cats Puzzle completed

via Colossal