Helpful Holiday Shopping Tips To Keep in Mind When Buying Gifts for Difficult People

Comedian and filmmaker Mark Malkoff, in collaboration with PayPal, has created an amusing but very helpful video that rescues those who aren’t good at shopping for difficult people and turns them into “gift giving heroes”.

My tips are designed to remove stress for 65% of Americans that blame their holiday stress on shopping for holiday gifts and events.

Mark’s 7 Holiday Gift Tips include:

1. Pinterest (check to see if they have a Pinterest board)
2. Buy Experiences (such as a trapeze lesson)
3. Boring Isn’t Always Bad (some people LOVE socks!)
4. Charitable Donation (donation to St. Jude got the person to scream in excitement)
5. D.I.Y.- Do It Yourself (make your own perfume kit)
6. Make Fun Happen (something that will get them to laugh)
7. When All Else Fails…FOOD (everybody loves food!)

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips