Help Michael Peppe Find His Glasses

SubGenius Reunion on Puzzling Evidence

San Francisco performer and SubGenii Michael Peppe lost his beloved glasses at last month’s Laughing Squid: Decade 2 event. Here’s more info from John Law:

Infamous anti-performance artist Michael Peppe is bereft of clear vision! That’s right, the inventor of Behaviormusik, a contemporary of Laurie Anderson, San Francisco art scene fixture Michael Peppe is without his glasses! An attractive young lady walked off while wearing them at the Laughing Squid 11th Anniversary Party last month. Perhaps she didn’t want him to have eyes for another, perhaps she was careless, perhaps she was a common thief. It matters not: these black-framed glasses are the esteemed Mr. Peppe’s most cherished possession. They are the heart and soul of his personality; he is naked, lost and incomplete (not to mention near sighted as hell) without them. We here at Laughing Squid beseech you to return these mandatory ocular equalizers to this already tormented enough artist. Call the Poet at: 415-P-R-O-M-F-U-K (776-6385) or mail the glasses to: 400 Hyde St., #507, S.F., CA. 94109 or deliver them in person if your heart is pure.

photo credit: Scott Beale
Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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