Hello 2007


Like we did last year, we had a few friends over to The Cephalopad to ring in 2007 and encouraged them to share their thoughts about upgrading to the next year in a another group blog post:

Blah, Blah. 2006 sucked. Blah, blah. 2007 will rock.

David Calkins

Here’s to all the things that worked and boo yar sucks to all the stuff that didn’t.

Simone Davalos

Christine predicts an earthquake tonight. I hope not, because I don’t have my camera with me.

Grover Sanschagrin

There is an earthquake somewhere tonight – just not here. Grover has a nice ass.

— Grover’s girlfriend

An earthquake would just be mother-nature’s way of celebrating. 2007 should shape up to be an interesting year if 2006 is anything on which one bases their predictions. Happy New Year!

Dan Lurie

I’m supposed to save this file? Should I save anything from 2006? I’m all ready for 2007. Straight ahead! No looking back!

david kaye

Hot DAMN, another revolution around the sun!
Good work Scott & Co.
I have to leave before midnight, BUT, I left everything on a time delay fuse, so, in a way,
my presence will be felt.

— Kal Spelletich

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Tonight I’m getting drunk, and Tuesday is my birthday & I’ll get drunk again. Yay.

— Kathryn Hill

Ryanne blogs

i got out of bed from reading all day to come to this party….that means a lot in my world.


Let’s all get into trouble in 2007. I mean serious trouble. Trouble trouble. MORE TROUBLE


Why didn’t you tell me the strippers went on after midnight?

— ekai

What’s a blog? I wonder if this is going to be some hot new thing in 2007. Web 1.08… ?

xo nina

May 2007 be resplendent with lots of kisses, good cheer, success, and fantastic friendships!
And if I remember anything tomorrow, then this party sucked. Kidding!

— Min Jung

Somewhere in this apartment, I’m sure there’s debaucherous sex going on … and I’m here blogging. Yep, that’s pretty standard for 2006.

— kev/null

You can tell it’s a good party when you can hear it from two floors down. Happy 2007!

— Elea

Thanks for hosting this! …And for having me and my friends– even though we *did* bring French vodka. XD Happy New Year!

— Jonathan

As the years come and go, so do we. Lifetimes change in a moment, dreams are realized and new butterflies flap their wings. Love remains, the connective tissue that holds us together as families, as tribes, as communities and as neighboring inhabitants of our ever shrinking world.

As the clock strikes twelve
We raise our glasses to the new year
Time’s great illusion

— Chris Heuer


— Im Rich James Bitch!

Where’s that bastard from Cardhouse? He owes me $5. Ok, he doesn’t. It’s more like $500.

Happy New Year…almost. To the second best year ever, we will miss you. But 2007 will be the best for sure.

— rusty blazenhoff + mark hedin

Here’s to good friends, tonight is kind of special…no, no.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…wait, think I have heard that one before too and maybe not appropriate for this post. Crap.

How about simply – big love to everyone, have a stellar year.

— Kristie Wells

No! My New Years resolution was to never make another blog post…


— maocat


no shocker in 2007.

— irina slutsky

insert something original and witty here

— robert boyle

I’m very tempted to write over Robert’s part. I mean, I’d just be following instructions, right?

I almost didn’t make it, thanks to MUNI getting slammed, but thanks to that guy driving the taxi who showed up just as I thought, “I need to find a taxi.”

2006 was rough for me, but damn did I find out who my friends are, and to them I am grateful. 2007 is already shaping up, because all the suck is out of my hair, new opportunities await, and my friends are still there. Fuck I’m sounding sappy and I’m not even drunk. But hey, what’s a number? I’ll let you numerologists worry about what a year that collapses to 9 means.

Fuck, Irina’s giving up the shocker? Aw, man. Irina, don’t be like that.

Also, there’s a guy here with silver-reflective Converse to match his shirt. I’m utterly envious. It’s the little things.

Thanks for supporting Laughing Squid. It’s the shit. Happy new year, darlings.

++ Jason Schupp (I’d use the — syntax like everyone else but I’m trying to stay positive. Har.)

The squid has landed. It’s 2007 y’all! Peace out, keep it real yo.

Hacker boy live from Scott’s. 1:14 Party has been fun have a good new year every one.

Kevin Burton – this port is GOOD

I haven’t slept in nearly a day – not sure why, perhaps to eek out the last minutes of 2006, certainly much remains to be done in 2007 – the life of an entrepreneur and writer is full of things that remain to be done. But a party such as this one, now winding down, reminds me of how the multitude of small tasks gets done – and with each introduction made, logo designed, opportunities pursued – how something new, something better, something impactful is achieved – with the multitude of small steps, gestures and mutual achievements.

More importantly still, mostly I spent the evening talking about poetry, food, drinking (or not drinking), world cultures – as experienced not as read/studied) On my way to the party, as I picked up a few items and sought out my dinner, I was not in a good mood – the constant push of people on the street – dozens begging me at seemingly every turn for money and my time. Tonight the groups of seeming friends, already drunk well before 8 stumbling down the street, gathering at corners as they discussed where to go next served to remind me of my loneness, my wandering along through most of this past year. The smaller groups too reminded me, the couple a few storefronts down from the nightclub where they would the last hours of 2006, lost partially in shadows as they leaned together. That was through a bus window, so passed quickly – I am only assuming a man and woman, though here especially first assumptions are dangerous. Tonight I will go home alone, to a space that I will spend a few hours of this new year in cleaning in preparing the space, my files, and to a very real degree my life for the steps I will take in 2007 – starting a company, holding the 3rd annual MeshForum, watching as still more of my closest friends have children, get married (if they are allowed by the laws around them).

And in the background at the parties I go to today “Every Dev I know uses Firefox” says a woman behind me clearly very comfortable with managing “devs”, a man at another conversation talks about 20M hits a month from being slashdotted and boingboinged. In short the conversations around me, at this late hour are deeply about the technology all around us – and about how we will work with that technology into the future.

Now it is time for me to sleep, to rest, to prepare for the new day and what comes today and tomorrow.

Shannon Clark

photos by Scott Beale, Eddie Codel and Violet Blue

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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