A Hilarious Heineken Ad Showing the Superiority of Beer Over Water With a Simple Musical Demonstration

In a hilarious ad for Heineken beer by Swedish photographer Patrik Ekenblom, a very serious Henrik Oskarsson shows the superiority of beer over water with a simple musical demonstration.

Oskarsson first pours himself a glass of water, dips his first two fingers in and rubs it around the rim of the glass, which emits a rather pleasant, melodic sound. Oskarsson then does the same thing with a glass of Heineken and the sound emitted sounds exactly like the recognizable opening riff of the Guns N’ Roses song “Sweet Child O’ Mine”.

After the video went public, however, the was a problem with the music rights, so the video was changed to a well-known football song.

(translated) When our movie contained the song of Guns n ‘Roses, there was a problem with the rights. So today it has been redesigned via Heineken in London (I think) and the end result was like this! From rock to football

Thanks Chip Beale!