Australian Farmer Creates a Loving Tribute to His Late Aunt With a Dynamic Heart Made of Herded Sheep

Ben Jackson, a farmer in Guyra, NSW, Australia, created an incredibly thoughtful tribute to his beloved Aunt Deb (Debra Cowdery) who had passed away in Brisbane due to cancer. Sadly Jackson was not able to attend his aunt’s funeral in person as it took place during lockdown restrictions, which ruled out interstate travel. So to say goodbye in his own way, Jackson created a heart out of the herded sheep on his farm. Jackson had laid grain onto the grass in the shape of a heart for this tribute. The sheep did the rest.

I made this for my Aunty Deb. We said goodbye yesterday. I hope you had a peep down and saw this from up there. ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’ by Simon and Garfunkel was one of her favourite tunes.

The video, which was played at the funeral, has since gone viral. Jackson recorded a heartfelt message to all those who sent in their condolences on social media.

A quick thank you for all the love.