A Wayward Hawk Takes Refuge In a Houston Taxi Before the Incoming Hurricane Harvey Hits

Animals are known for being particularly attuned to changes in weather and in the wake of the incoming Hurricane Harvey, a wayward, terrified hawk took refuge in William Bruso‘s taxi and refused to leave. Bruso, who obviously cares for animals, let the frightened bird commandeer his cab and gave him the name Harvey the Hurricane Hawk.

When Bruso brought the hawk to relative safety, Harvey refused to fly away. Bruso and friends decided that they would let Harvey hunker down with them during the storm. Harvey took his place on the dashboard as a CabbieHawk Co-Pilot and went home with Bruso. Once arrived, Harvey perched atop Bruso’s bar and waited out the storm. He enjoyed a few treats, but mostly stood pensively still. The next day, a representative from TWRC Wildlife Center came to Bruso’s home and took Harvey to be examined and released once it was safe to do so.

It’s just before 7am and Hurricane Harvey is pouring down rain in Houston, Texas.
Harvey The Hurricane Hawk is hunkered down with us. Our resident guru Benny Booboo is hunkering down with us as well and we’re OBVIOUSLY making a hurricane party out of it! So we decided to nominate Harvey the Hurricane Hawk as our Hurricane Harvey Mascot for the duration of the storm. He has made himself at home on his own next to my liquor and wine bar for the duration of Hurricane, leading me to believe he is a very intelligent Hawk.

As it turned out, Harvey had an injury that prevented him from flying, which would have led to his certain death.