Hamster Makes a Daring Prison Break to Freedom Through an Intricate Obstacle Course Cardboard Maze

When a rather rebellious pet hamster named Mister Hamster found himself trapped inside a prison, he took matters into his own “hands”. The rascally rodent escaped the cell itself through a broken toilet. Once free of the suffocating four walls of the cell, Mister Hamster successfully attacked each and every challenge put in his way inside an intricate maze that was mostly made out of cardboard. Once passing the final hurdle, Mister Hamster made his way out into the fresh air of freedom.

Today’s story is sure to be very dynamic. Above is Mr. Hamster, he was imprisoned. The hamster police ignored him, he broke the toilet, escaped several dangerous traps, and ran away. Mr. Humster was quick, brave and lucky. The Hamster police could not catch him.

Mister Hamster Prisonbreak

Mister Hamster’s freedom was short-lived, however, as he then had to evade the threat of zombies.

My funny pet hamster is trying to get around difficult obstacles in the maze and on his way there are zombies, sometimes plants come for help.

The furry rodent also had to escape a pool that had a hidden dragon inside.

Thanks Jason Laskodi!