Motion Sensitive Digital Display at a Stockholm Metro Station Sends a Hair Raising Cancer Message

Hair Raising Ad

In 2014, the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation created a powerful adaptation of an Apotek hjärtat Apolosophy interactive digital shampoo ad at the Odenplan metro station in Stockholm. The original motion sensitive ad showed a woman’s shiny hair blowing in the breeze created with the passing trains. Using the same digital billboard, the “Hair Raising Message” motion sensitive digital ad started off much in the same way as the original. As a train passed in the station, a young woman’s shiny long locks blew in around in the breeze and kept blowing around until her wig fell off. Then a message appeared stating “Every day a child is diagnosed with cancer and then gave people an opportunity to donate to such a worthwhile cause.

The strategy behind this campaign was to interpret a previous pharmacy ad for shampoo. We created an engaging experience in a digital billboard for every traveler who passed the metro station Odenplan in Stockholm. The digital billboard reacted on trains passing by through motion sensors. People were encouraged to donate with their smartphone.

Hair Raising Cancer Message

Here’s the original version of Apotek hjärtat Apolosophy interactive digital shampoo ad