Coyote Peterson Finds an Odd Pac-Man Looking Creature Along the Coast of a Salish Sea Island

While on location in the Salish Sea for an fascinating episode of “Beyond the Tide“, the inquisitive Coyote Peterson peered under rocks in the tide pools along the coast of Doe Island in Washington to see what kind of intertidal marine life he could find. Along the way he found all sorts of fascinatingly creepy creatures until he found first a gorgeous purple sea star and then a Gumboot chiton, which had a more than a passing slimy resemblance to the eternally hungry, chomping Pac-Man.

From Sea Lemons to Giant Purple Sea Stars almost everything they discover is truly and amazingly unique. To top it off they also find the largest species of Chiton, the “Gumboot”, in the world which is a creature so bizarre it hardly looks as if it’s even alive! However it does have a striking resemblance to one of the most beloved video game characters of all time. Get ready to meet the Pac-Man of the Sea!