Talented Guitarist Performs Amazing Solos While Riding Onewheel Electric Skateboard Along the Atlanta Beltline

On nice days in Atlanta, musician Chavis Flagg grabs his guitar and portable amp and rides on his Onewheel electric skateboard along the city’s famed Beltline. Flagg impressively performs amazing solos as he’s cruising along the public trail. Flagg told CNN that skating is only a daytime activity, but it does help while bars and music venues are still closed.

Flagg’s impromptu performances aboard a Onewheel electric skateboard have helped double the 24-year-old musician’s social media following over the past two weeks and earn him some money during a time when live venues have closed around the city, he told CNN.

Flagg so impressed Atlanta resident Summer Sandusky that she put out a call through TikTok in order to find out who he was. And the internet responded.