A Shimmering Electric Guitar Made With DVDs

The wonderfully talkative woodworker Nick Zammetti used thousands of DVDs to create a shimmering electric guitar. This rather laborious build included Zammetti casting a resin guitar mold, which required a couple of pours. It came out cleanly.

After trimming it down to size, Zammetti placed smashed DVDs onto the body, first with superglue, which didn’t work. He then tried sheets of double-sided tape, which did. Both methods took a great deal of time. Once the pieces were arranged properly Zammetti set the whole thing in resin and let it cure. In doing so, he ran into a number of different issues that were annoying but easy to remedy.

Making – a PSYCHEDELIC Guitar from 1000s of DVDs.. This one nearly broke me! This Guitar is Incredible!, Probably the most craziest build I have done to date.

He then trimmed it down again, sanded it to a beautiful shine, added the neck, headstock, electronics, and strings.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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