A Little Orphaned Grizzly Bear Cub Likes to Have Her Feet Tickled by the Man Who Rescued Her

Casey Anderson, a National Geographic television host, filmmaker, naturalist and founder of the Montana Grizzly Encounter, introduced an orphaned rescued grizzly bear cub named Bella, with whom he’s spending a great deal of time and who likes to have her feet tickled.

In a longer video, Anderson recounted his remarkable long-lasting friendship with Brutus, another bear cub he found over 10 years ago, how their friendship formed, how they’ve made their lives together and what prompted him to open a rescue sanctuary for grizzly bears.

What we know about grizzly bears is what we’ve heard about what they’ve done wrong. You see in the movies, you read in the headlines and it does strike fear. We think of them as ‘man-killers’ and blood-thirsty beasts. And if you’re afraid of something,then why would you want to protect it. Why would you want it to be around? Why would you want to go camping in a place that has a monster living in it? So you can’t blame people who fear grizzly bears to not want to have them around. The real battle is helping people understand that they’re not monsters. And hopefully taking that fear and changing it into respect.