Gorgeous Ethereal Dresses That Feature 3D Printed Squid, Octopus and Other Deep Sea Creatures

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Dutch fashion designer Iris Van Herpen presented Seijaku, a part of her LUCID collection, which features absolutely gorgeous line of haute couture frocks that incorporate 3D printing and other digital technology to form exoskeletal shapes of squid, octopuses and other creatures, all keeping within the deep sea theme of the show.

There are 2 main design techniques presented in the collection: the lucid looks and the phantom dresses. The lucid looks result from the designer’s continuous collaboration with the artist and architect Philip Beesley. These looks are made from transparent hexagonal laser-cut elements that are connected with translucent flexible tubes, creating a glistering bubble-like exoskeleton around the wearer’s body. The phantom looks are made with a super light tulle to which iridescent stripes are fused, shimmering the silhouette illusory. Continuing van Herpen’s vigor of fusing technology with handcraft, the collection features two 3D printed Magma dresses that are combining flexible TPU printing, creating a fine web together with polyamide printing. One of the dresses is stitched from 5,000 3D printed elements.

Van Herpen debuted LUCID in March 2016 and presented a more recent showing of the collection during Paris Fashion Week on July 4, 2016.

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