GoPro Short Film and Super Bowl Ad Featuring Felix Baumgartner’s Red Bull Stratos Jump

The GoPro short film “Red Bull Stratos – The Full Story” showcases footage filmed by seven HD HERO2 cameras from Felix Baumgartner‘s record-breaking October 2012 jump from a stratospheric balloon at 128,100 feet for the Red Bull Stratos mission. The beginning also includes footage of a similar, and only slightly less impressive by today’s standards, jump made from 102,800 feat by Joe Kittinger in 1960 — the man that served as Baumgartner’s capsule coordinator during his own jump.

October 14, 2012, Felix Baumgartner ascended 128,100 feet above Earth’s surface to the edge of space in a stratospheric balloon. Millions across the globe watched as he opened the door of the capsule, stepped off the platform, and broke the speed of sound while free falling safely back to Earth. Felix set three world records that day—and inspired us all to reach beyond the limits of our own realities, and reimagine our potential to achieve the incredible.

In addition, GoPro’s upcoming 30-second Super Bowl spot is pulled from footage of the short film.

Red Bull previously released a full video of Baumgartner’s jump featuring multiple camera angles and data from the mission.

videos via GoPro

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Rollin Bishop
Rollin Bishop