Protective Goose Thinks His Beloved Human Is His Wife

A very affectionate Scottish goose named Glenn seems to think that his human Shirley is actually his bonded partner and wife whom he needs to protect at all costs. Shirley explained that acts as if she were a female goose and will chase away anyone who comes near.

Glenn thinks that he’s my husband. Glennis very protective over me. He’ll chase men, particularly. Glenn will chase away animals too if he feels like they’re getting too close to me. He started to display a lot of different behaviors that would be attributed to if he had a female goose.

In fact, Glenn even tried repeatedly to build a nest for Shirley. Yet she doesn’t mind as she finds it nice to have such devotion close by.

If I get stationary for any amount of time, straight away he starts building nest. …Glenn really does have the key components of an incredible husband.


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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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