Google Partners With Local Artists to Create Unique Murals to Liven Up Their Data Center Buildings

For their Data Center Mural Project, Google has partnered with local artists to design and create unique and relevant murals to adorn the outer walls of their otherwise industrial-looking data centers in Mayes County, Oklahoma, St. Ghislain, Belgium and other locations worldwide. The idea around the project is to bring the excitement of what’s happening inside the center to the outside.

Whether it’s sharing photos, searching the web, or translating languages, billions of requests are sent to ‘the cloud’ every day. But few people know all this information flows through physical locations, called data centers. Because these buildings typically aren’t much to look at, people usually don’t, and rarely learn about the incredible structures and people who make so much of modern life possible. To begin to change that, we created the Data Center Mural Project: a partnership with artists to bring a bit of the magic from the inside of our data centers to the outside.

St Ghislain

St Ghislain2

Mayes County 3

Mayes County

photos via The Data Center Mural Project

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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