A Loveable Dog With an Adorably Goofy Face

A young woman named Carly talked about her beloved dog Mugsy, explaining how his adorably goofy looks surprised the whole family as he grew. Carly explained that they were expecting him to look like a white lab but, instead, now has a face “only a mother could love”. And they do. Very much.

I’ve heard so many times he has a face that only his mother would love. He has huge eyes that bulge at you and he’s got the extreme underbite with the silly teeth.

They adopted Mugsy after seeing him at a pet store.

We went to Petco one day. They had a rescue event going on and Mugsy was the only dog there. I was only 10 years old at the time he was so beautiful. He was pure white and he had bright blue eyes he was sleeping all curled up we ended up adopting him on the spot.

They later discovered that Mugsy had hyperthyroidism, probably responsible for his oversized eyes, underdeveloped mouth, and his weight problem.

He is on a special diet. He was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism so he had a trouble losing weight ever since we’ve gotten him on the pills and fixed his diet he’s been really great. He’s super affectionate and he’s just super funny too. He’s always staring at you from across the room with his huge eyes. He has some funny quirks. Whatever you can imagine his breath smells like, it probably does but you get used to it after a while. It’s part of why we love him.


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