Golfer Bubba Watson Debuts a New Jetpack Golf Cart That Gives Golfers a Bird’s-Eye View

Bubba Watson Swings in Front of Jetpack Cart

Professional golfer Bubba Watson debuted a new jetpack golf cart built by Martin Jetpack and Oakley that gives golfers a bird’s-eye view of the course and help speed up play. The cart features a 210 horsepower engine that lets riders reach up to 3,000 feet at a top speed of 46 mph as well as all the amenities of a traditional golf cart.

A two-time Masters champion and currently one of the top five golfers in the world, Bubba Watson is known for pushing the boundaries of golf. Three years ago, Bubba and Oakley teamed up to create the world’s first Golf Cart Hovercraft. For 2016, we wanted to make history once again by taking innovation and performance to the next level. While Bubba’s Hover enables golfers to traverse any terrain, Bubba’s Jetpack allows golfers to literally fly across the golf course.

Bubba Watson in Jetpack Cart

Bubba Watson Changes Club

photos via Oakley

via Popular Science

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