Gocco, A Self-Contained Compact Color Printing System

The latest episode of Etsy Howto features Bre Pettis and Julie Schneider of Etsy Labs demonstrating a Gocco, the nifty self-contained compact color printing system.

Gocco Printing - Etsy Howto

The Print Gocco kits have been produced by Japan’s Riso Kagaku Corporation since 1977, but as of May 30th they are no longer being manufactured and are hard to find. There is a “Save Gocco” campaign underway to find a new home for Print Gocco.

Laughing Squid Lucky 13

At our Lucky 13 Party in May Doctor Popular and Mike Hales printed inserts for Doc’s mini-comic using a Print Gocco.

photos by Etsy Labs & Scott Beale

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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