Curious Goat Teaches Himself to Balance On a Seesaw

A pair of curious goats named Alex and Junior who live at Tammy’s Oberlin Hobby Farm in Oberlin, Ohio, stood upon a seesaw and tried to figure out what it was and what it did. The hircine pair walked back and forth until they got a reaction. The movement proved to be too much for Junior, but Alex remained and figured out how to rock himself back and forth upon the treaded plank. This entire scenario proved highly amusing to their human Tammy Tunison.

Alex taught himself how to teeter-totter. I think Alex knows he is entertaining me. The more I laugh the more he does it. …He tried to get it to move but he couldn’t because Junior’s was on the other end Alex teetered and tattered for about 45 minutes. When he was done, he decided making it balance would be fun.

Goat Teaches Himself to Seesaw

Alex decided that he wanted to get in a bit more practice, much to Tunison’s delight.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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