Giant Retro Boombox Art Car For Sale on Craigslist


While rummaging around Craigslist recently, I came across a 24-foot long art car that looks like a giant retro boombox for sale in Mendocino, California. Created by Derek Wunder, its official name is “ROCKBOX” and it’s described as “a well respected vehicle in the burning man community.”

…built on a 1987 1 ton automatic dodge van with 318 v8. 30k lb load rating. carries around 50 people when fully loaded upstairs and down. 10kw onboard generator. 1750w inverter for accessory power. exterior led perimeter lighting for nighttime use. motorized retractable antennae is 37 ft high when extended. rotating led beacon at the top of the antennae for location from a distance. steel security door at rear of vehicle to keep unwanted people out when not in use. built in dj deck inside the faux “tape deck”. 4ft rack mount for sound gear. 2 furman power conditioners included in sale. lower skirts are removable for transport. requires a 1 ton diesel truck or larger for transport. i have a very nice triple axle heavy duty trailer i use for transport that i will sell seperately for $6500. comes with a ton of spare parts. sound system is sold seperately, Includes 1 mackie fussion top, 2 mackie fussion 18″ subs, 1 mackie srm 450 monitor, 2 pioneer cdj 1000’s, 1 allen and heath xone 92. $5200. vehicle cost nearly $20k to build in materials and 7 months of my life. no expense was spared. would cost at least $30k to reproduce now not including time spent. exterior lighting has been upgraded to MUCH brighter led lighting…

ROCKBOX at Burning Man 2011:

At night:

If the boombox’s a rockin’…

images via Craigslist, video 1 via Rob Greenleaf, video 2 via Tekno