A Giant Kinetic Mechanical Exoskeleton That Can Increase the Size and Capabilities of the Human Body

The Japanese company Skeletonics has created a line of giant mechanical kinetic energy exoskeletons that can very well increase the limitations of the human body without using electricity or motors of any sort. While the specific purposes of the exoskeleton is unclear, it looks really futuristically badass and can make the wearer feel like a giant.

An action expansion type device that can enlarge all limb movements by using a link mechanism that moves following the movement of arms and legs and can realize dynamic arm and leg movements that can not be expressed by a normal human body. …With Skeleton Nix installed, you can feel like a giant. Although it looks like a robot, it does not use electricity, but by adopting a mechanical mechanism based on the patented technique “three-dimensional closed link structure”, the body movement with high degree of freedom is made possible.

Exoskeleton Skeletron

via The Awesomer