Engineer Builds a Giant Working Keyboard

After discovering he couldn’t buy the giant keyboard Razer brought to CES in 2018, avid keyboard enthusiast and engineer Glarses decided to make a bigger and better one for himself. He used a kit and custom 3D-printed pieces to create a giant keyboard that measured a remarkable six feet across. The build took the better part of a year and cost £12,000.

I have spent the last decade collecting every keyboard I could find. And in that time my collection has grown to include small keyboards, big keyboards. …There is a single keyboard that has continued to elude me to this very day. That is the giant keyboard. It’s a fully functional keyboard using giant switches and I really want it…and since I couldn’t buy one I spent the last year in 12,000 pounds to figure out how I could make one.

Here’s the giant keyboard that Glarses was coveting at first.

via The Awesomer

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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