Pair of Giant Cradling Hands Suspend a Golden Bridge in the Bà Nà Hills Near Da Nang, Vietnam

Amongst the Annamese Mountains outside of Da Nang, Vietnam sits a bridge that appears to be suspended by a pair of giant, cradling hands made of stone that were made to look aged by the sun.

Known as the Golden Bridge, this amazing structure opened in June 2018 at the Bà Nà Hills Resort as part of their Thien Thai Garden attraction. The bridge is 500 feet across, 4,600 feet above sea level and is lined with purple chrysanthemums the entire way.

Since it opened to the public in early June, the Cau Vang (Golden Bridge) on the top of Da Nang’s Ba Na Hills has been very inviting to visitors from both home and abroad thanks to its special architecture.

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