A Hyperrealistic Giant Meowing 3D Calico Cat on a Billboard Towers Over Tokyo’s Busy Shinjuku Station

Giant 3D Cat Billboard Tokyo

An enormous animated hyperrealistic 3D calico cat has appeared on a billboard that towers over the commuters and passersby at Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, which is known to be among the busiest stations in the world. The station also features a robust shopping area.

This giant feline wakes up at 7 AM and interacts with the public until 1 AM. This includes meowing, stretching and moving toward the edge of the billboard in between other visual advertisements on the giant screen. This ad was created for Cross Shinjuku Vision, in partnership with MicroAd and Unica.

(translated) The 3D image that will be broadcast at the opening of the vision is based on the theme of “cat”, which is popular content for men and women of all ages. This giant calico cat wakes up in the morning with the start of the vision and falls asleep at night with the end of the broadcast. During the day, it appears between regular broadcasts and it can even talk to passersby. A 3D giant calico cat created with the quality of a blockbuster movie will deliver surprises, laughter, and healing to nearby users.

The realistic cat is meant to reach a broad swath of people around the world and sits upon the rooftop of the Shinjuku-ku Cross Shinjuku Building, a large event space that is available to rent.

The lower floor of Cross Shinjuku Vision is an event space, and it is in a good location right opposite the JR Shinjuku Station East Exit Station Square. We will continue to deliver unique visual expressions and provide effective promotion and marketing in collaboration with event spaces, plazas, and other visions.

The official launch of this cat is on July 12, 2021, however, early broadcasts have been taking place.

via SoraNews24

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