Get By by Delta Heavy, A Stop-Motion Music Video That Butchers Games

Delta Heavy has made a stop-motion animated music video for their dubstep dance song Get By which incorporates and butchers up some classic games. The song comes from the album titled Down The Rabbit Hole and is available for pre-order from Ram Records. The video was directed, produced and animated by Ian Robertson and co-produced by Andy Dow.

Production notes from the video:

11,008 photographs were taken for the film.

3,184 photographs made the final cut.

80 Rubik’s Cubes were hired for the shoot.

10 hours to animate 18 frames of the Rubik’s Cube equaliser.

148 Subbuteo men hired for the shoot.

99 Red Balloons by Nena is the vinyl record in the opening sequence.

7 Hungry Hippos were harmed during the making of the film.

160 pick-up sticks are equalised.

1 John Hunt Little Champion Pie Machine was used as the record press.

4 hours to shoot the hungry hippos being minced.

12 photographs per second appear in the film.

6 hours to plan and shoot the camera dolly in on the minced Subbuteo.

32 days were spent animating.

Rubik's EQ

Filming 'Get By'

The final shot.

Rubik's Cubes

via Colossal

images via Ian Robertson