Young Girl Dances Her Way Through the Day in Order to Reach 10,000 Steps in a Swedish Health Campaign

Generation Pep is a Swedish organization started by Princess Victoria that encourages the reduction of sedentary lifestyles, particularly in young people. Their video “Dance 10,000” features nine year old dance prodigy Lilyana Ilunga as she dances her way through the day in order to get in her recommended 10,000 steps. Ilunga starts off her brilliant choreography as she wakes up, travels to the train, rides to school, goes to her locker, and finds her way to the gym where she finally takes a breath before finishing off her optimal number of steps.

“Dance 10.000” is a global campaign created to inspire children and young people to move, while at the same time highlighting the problems and consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. With a unique music video featuring a choreographed dance with the 10.000 steps often referred to as the daily recommendation for physical activity.

via Vimeo Staff Picks