Geeks Invade Seattle

Fremont Troll

Numerous geeks (myself included) are starting to arrive in Seattle for Gnomedex 5.0. This is really shaping up to be an amazing event. Chris and Ponzi are going all-out on this one. If you can’t make it in person, you can keep track of things with the Technorati tag page for Gnomedex. There’s sure to be plenty of live blogging and Flickr activity. Eric Rice will be hosting the live audio stream and as well as video blogging from the conference.

We are thinking about doing some touring around Seattle on Sunday. Of course at some point I will need to make a pilgrimage to Fremont to pay my regards to the troll (see photo above for a dirt encrusted version from 2003). Oh yeah, a trip to Archie McPhee over in Ballard is on the agenda as well. If you know of any pre or post-Gnomedex events or activities, please leave a comment.

Two the things I love about Seattle: good coffee and free Wi-Fi. Speaking of which, this post is coming to you from University Zoka, in U-Village (part of Seattle’s University District). This is the coffeehouse that is noted for being the unusual headquarters of Apple software development company Delicious Monster. Man, that was a good latte.

UPDATE 1: My photos from Thursday and Friday are now online.

UPDATE 2: Here are Saturday’s photos.