A Unique Watch Made From Recycled Electronics

Twin brothers Nick and Steve Tidball of Vollebak, in partnership with the Wallpaper* Re-Made Project, have created the “Garbage Watch”, a unique, colorful industrial wearable timepiece that is made completely out of recycled parts from discarded electronic equipment.

So our Garbage Watch started with a very simple idea. What if garbage isn’t garbage? What if it’s simply pre-assembled raw materials that we can use to make new things. It’s why everything you can see on the Garbage Watch used to be something else – a motherboard from your computer, a microchip in your smartphone, or wiring from your TV.

The watch is currently a prototype, but the brothers are planning to release it in 2021. They’ve set up an email list to alert those interested.

Over the next year we’ll be going on a journey from prototype to product, sourcing components from sustainable e-waste recycling efforts, and sharing the story with you. Launching in 2021, the waiting list is now open.

Garbage Watch Motherboard

Garbage Watch Close Up

via Colossal