Gamer Observes What Happens to Dogmeat as He Makes His Way Back Home in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 gamer Leon Hurley of GamesRadar+ conducted a very interesting experiment. After dismissing the companion canine “Dogmeat” at “The Castle” in the southeast corner of the in-game map, Hurley decided to follow the loyal pooch back home to Sanctuary Hills. What he found was that Dogmeat didn’t have it easy, but he managed to survive everything that was thrown at him, even if he was a burnt, bloody pulp.

Send a companion away in Fallout 4 and they don’t magically reappear at home. No, they walk there. Which got me wondering – what actually happens? What do they get up to? What do they see? As it turns out, a whole heap of crap. To test this I took Dogmeat from Sanctuary, in the top north west of the map, right down to the Minutemen’s Castle, just about the most south westerly point without sea access. Once there I cut him loose. Set him free like a Christmas puppy at a gas station in January. And watched. …Dogmeat doesn’t really kill things. He’s great at chewing and belly rubs but that’s about it. Within seconds of hitting South Boston he’s set upon by three ghouls who just pound him into the ground while I watch. There are yelps and whining, swinging arms whacking repeatedly into his crushed furry body.

via Geeks Are Sexy