The Process That Goes Into Making the Prosthetics for ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters So Believable

With the premiere of the first episode of Game of Thrones‘s eighth and final season just weeks away, the award-winning makeup effects master Barry Gower of BGFX explains the process of creating believable prosthetics for the fantastical characters of the series. Gower also talks about the arduous work that goes into making the forms long before the actors set foot on the soundstage as well as the huge maintenance task of ensuring everything stays where it’s supposed to be.

Just an average prosthetic makeup, we usually say is like about four to six weeks to build. We have so many patient actors that sit in our chair for like four six or eight hours at a time, so by the time usually step on set to do a rehearsal we’ve already pretty much done a full day’s work. So then onto film and have our fun on set making sure everything’s not falling off for 12 hours.