Galaxy Gates, A Cosmic Visual Composition Made of Soap, Paint and Oil in Motion Under a Macro Lens

Artistic filmmakers Thomas Blanchard and Oilhack have created a cosmic visual composition that, similar to Blanchard’s past work, combines paint, oil, milk and liquid soap that is then filmed in motion under a macro lens. Entitled “Galaxy Gates“, the different colors and textures drift together and apart to create an active astral environment set to an ethereal soundtrack by Velvet Coffee.

Galaxy gates » is the pride of our collection. It is the result of a 4 months long job. Due to the very high selection standards, less than 2% of the shots taken were used to create this immersive video. First, paints are mixed, then they are “opened”, a specific process that we have worked out while on a trip in Japan. “GALAXY GATES” is an experimental dreamlike video rocking us smoothly through circular moves.