Cartoons From Tomorrow, A Book of Amusing Single Panel Comics About What Our Future Might Look Like

Cartoons From Tomorrow is a new book published by Running Press featuring amusing single panel comics by the Futurism Cartoons team of Luke Kingma and Lou Patrick Mackay. Each cartoon cleverly predicts what our future may look like according to what’s happening in present day.

Enter Futurism, the 16M-strong community and media company that is obsessed with the future and everything that will get us there. Their mission? Preparing the people of today for the world of tomorrow.Based on one of Futurism’s most viral recurring features, this collection of cartoons parodies our wild imaginings and presents a unique and distinct vision of what’s in store for us — from the good to the bad to the downright absurd.

These comics are part of a weekly series of comics featured in Futurism, a New York City media company that covers the science and technology stories of today and their effect upon the future.

Our mission? To bring you the world the news, products, and narratives of tomorrow, today. Our other divisions include our advertising studio, Futurism Creative; and our feature production arm, Futurism Studios.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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