Further Up Yonder, Time-Lapse Journey of the International Space Station Around Earth

A message from ISS to all Humankind

Italian filmmaker Giacomo Sardelli created Further Up Yonder, a beautiful time-lapse video that tells a short story about astronauts who have served on board the International Space Station in the last 11 years. Vocals and photos used in this video were pieced together from audio messages recorded and images shot on board the ISS.

I wanted to use pictures taken from the International Space Station to tell a story and share the message sent by the astronauts who worked on the station in the last 11 years.

They are working to open a Gateway to Space for all humankind, but people on Earth must understand that they have to get rid of the concept of borders on our planet if they want to follow the astronauts to new worlds in outer space. While the cosmonauts speak a day passes on Earth, from dawn to sunset, until the Gateway opens with a burst of light. The ISS then gains speed, the astronauts are leaving our planet which they see spinning faster and faster, merging earth, oceans and people together, ready to follow them, Further Up Yonder.

music by digitalRepublic“Synthetic Truth”

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