An Animated Children’s Song About the Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables by Specific Color Groups

“Eat Your Rainbow” by Kids Learning Tube is an informative animated children’s song about the health benefits that come with eating fruits and vegetables of specific colors.

We are the rainbow of foods that you should have in all your meals. Eat your rainbow every day and great is how you will feel. We’ll give you essential vitamins and also minerals. So when you get hungry to make sure you sit and eat a rainbow.

Each animated color group comes forward and names each piece of produce in their group. They then state the specific nutrients that the group offers, and which part of the body those nutrients benefit the most. One such example is the orange and yellow group.

Orange and Yellow are our group colors. We are cantaloupe, carrot, mango, yellow pepper, butternut squash, papaya, and pineapple. pumpkin, orange, and sweet potato The Nutrients and vitamins we provide to help you grow Are Beta-Carotene, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. We keep your eyes, heart, and immune system healthy so you can live a long life and continue to see.

Eat Your Rainbow Fruits and Vegetables Yellow and Orange

via The Kid Should See This