From Dream to Reality, A Filmmaker Shares the Ever Evolving Process of Implementing a Creative Idea

road animation

In “From Dream to Reality“, filmmaker Max Joseph shared the process of coming up with the original idea to cover road medians in art that would appear to become animated as people drove by, the challenges of unforeseen hurdles and the creative collaborations that would change and evolve the idea over the course of the project.

When the medians proved difficult and far to time consuming to implement, Joseph turned to friend Casey Neistat and by working together, they came up with the idea of lining the walls beside roads all over the country with a strip of art panels that appear to become animated as people drive by. The animation by Anthony Scheppard, as captured on a Samsung phone, is absolutely amazing and the artwork by Carlos Ramirez is just magnificent.

And for the animation we decided to tell the story of the road you travel when you create something. The way it feels when you have a good idea. The way it evolves when it becomes real. The way you need to adapt with it. The way you charge forward. …The way you count on your friends… the way you outrun the obstacles

Max Joseph Road Animation

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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