‘The Fragility of Complexity’, A Symbolic Kinetic Sculpture Featuring Light Bulbs and Hammers in Motion

Fragility of Complexity

Talented artist Neil Mendoza has created “The Fragility of Complexity”, a beautiful kinetic sculpture made of hammers and light bulbs in motion that symbolize the balance of the fragile yet unyielding nature of humanity. While each of the items is so different from the other in terms of composition, the two cycle between each other without disruption.

Light, glass and metal perform a ritual of periodic motion, carefully choreographed to avoid each other as long as each element of the system continues to function as intended.

This remarkable piece made its debut at the Chapel of Santa Joana at the Museu de Aveiro in Portugal.

It was originally shown at the Chapel of Santa Joana in the Museu de Aveiro as part of the Criatech Festival 2021 and will be on display at Osteria di Paterno near Florence in 2022.

The Fragility of Complexity Up Close
The Fragility of Complexity Front

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Lori Dorn
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