Food Themed Purses That Look Good Enough to Eat

Dutch designer Rommydebommy creates incredibly lifelike food-themed purses, backpacks, and clutches that look quite good enough to eat. Rommy doesn’t limit herself to one type of food either, instead, she runs the gamut of all edibles, This includes sweets such as cakes and cookies and savory dishes such as pizza, bagels, and spaghetti. Other purses look like institutional foods from prisons, schools, and planes, complete with trays. She also creates purses that look like uncooked meat, such as raw chicken. Rommy states that her ideas come from chef recipes that she sees on social media.

Making food purses from patterned printing fabrics is to easy for me. I really like to create the impossible. Food had always my biggest interest. I love the look of it. All those shapes, different colours, and textures. It’s incredible! Since I couldn’t find purses that look like real foods on the internet or in stores I started to create them by myself. I actually get really inspired by pastry chef accounts on Instagram and also Pinterest! I don’t need to sketch before I create the real bag. I just start immediately creating the purse and watching to a picture of the food I found online.

via So Souper Awesome

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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