A Beautiful Floating Skull Decanter Set

Skull Decanter Set White Background

Online retailer The Wine Savant is featuring a beautiful decanter set that features floating skulls inside both the decanter and the accompanying shot glasses. The decanter is large enough to hold 850 milliliters of any spirit, comes with a half-moon wood display stand and two shot glasses.

Handcrafted to add a unique design element to the home bar Crafted from solid glass, each liquor decanter contains an intriguing floating glass skull for an eerie feel. Featuring a glass stopper with a rubber base, it can hold in the flavor and aroma of any of your favorite spirits and poisons.

Skull Decanter Set Pour

Skull Decanter Set Shotglass

Skull Decanter Set Side

Skull Decanter Set

via DudeIWantThat.com