Floating Cloud, A Beautiful Sound Responsive Lamp That Levitates Above Its Base

Float Gray

Designer Richard Clarkson known for his beautiful cloud designs, partnered again with Crealev to create the “Floating Cloud“. While the designers made decision to remove the speakers that were in previous products, this soft light responds with colors to music and human voices while levitating above its base.

After months of design research and user testing, we found that embedding a speaker into the Cloud was not the right direction for several reasons. Firstly – the weight it added significantly decreased the levitation height of the Cloud. Secondly – the speaker drastically reduced the battery life of the Cloud, and required much more frequent recharging. Thirdly – you already have a speaker system right!? Simply let your speakers do what they do best, and the Floating Cloud will do what it does best. While the Cloud itself does not have a speaker, it will react to your existing sound system as well as spoken voice and loud sounds.

Float Cat

Cloud Remote Control

Cloud Color

Cloud Blue

via Colossal

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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