Newfoundland Fisherman Rescues a Helplessly Stranded Arctic Fox From an Isolated Iceberg

While returning ashore for more supplies on June 22, 2018, Alan Russell, a fisherman in Fox Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador, noticed a arctic fox who had become helplessly stranded on an isolated chunk of an iceberg, which had probably melted and broken off from the part of the berg closest to land. Russell and his mates circled back and rescued the frightened animal who was cold, shivering and starving by using a dip net.

Was on the way in for bait and ice and seen this arctic fox stranded about 4 miles off land.. hopefully we can gain his health back and save the little feller!

Several hours after the rescue, Russell posted a beautiful photo of the fox and stated that “He’s doing good now eating and drinking!” and when he was fully recovered, they released him back into the wild at Williams Harbour, but are still caring for him somewhat.

…we let him go in Williams harbour and still feeding him!

via My Modern Met