Hungarian Firefighters Use an Inflatable Slide to Rescue a Dog Who Was Stranded in Middle of a Frozen Lake

On the first of January 2019, firefighters from Budapest were called out to the city of Pécs to help rescue a frightened dog from the middle of the frozen Lake Csunya. Two of the firemen very carefully crawled out onto the ice while holding onto an inflatable slide and safely reached the dog. The men loaded the confused canine on to the slide, which was then towed back to dry land.

(translated) A beige, labrador-like dog was trapped in the middle of Lake Csunya on Wednesday morning. The ice of the frozen lake was too thin for the four-legged rescue, so the help of the firefighters in Budapest was asked. The divers were placed on a special inflatable ambulance, and then the animal was drawn to the shore. According to the veterinarian, the dog was not in trouble.

via ABC News